In 1994, a group of retired ASCS Employees organized the National Association of Retired ASCS Office Employees (RASCOE).

RASCOE’s purpose is to promote the welfare of the association’s members by alignment with other organizations and actively lobbying to maintain the integrity of retiree benefits.


An ASCS/FSA retiree becomes a member by paying association dues. Any member of a state retiree organization which is affiliated with the national organization shall be a member of the national organization.

Anyone wishing to show support for RASCOE may be an associate member by paying association dues. To join RASCOE, send your dues along with the application form to the RASCOE Treasurer (new retirees receive the first year free).

Link to RASCOE Membership Application

Link to RASCOE Membership Application

MEMBER: National Dues $20 per year
Multi-year Dues 5 years X $20.00 = $100.00

ASSOCIATE: National Dues $10 per year
Multi-year Dues 5 years X $ 10.00 = $50.00

NEW RETIREES: 1st Year Free

Mail to RASCOE Secretary-Treasurer
Lynda Steichen
23579 US Hwy 281
Woonsocket SD 57385

Minnesota RASCOE:  To join the Minnesota Association send state dues of $5.00 to

Sylvia Faylor
2889 Hwy 65
Mora, MI 55051