The NAFEC website now has the video “Welcome to the COC” video by FSA Administrator Val Dolcini, and the COC/NAFEC History Power Point on the home page. Having these resources available on NAFEC’s website will give presenters an opportunity to show the presenters additional resources such as past newsletters, the complete listing of NAFEC’s Officers, Area & State Directors complete with contact information, NAFEC’s membership application, JM Marketing discounted group policy products, and contact information.

NAFEC has also requested that the video be added to DAFO’s Intranet Training website as an additional resource along with the other COC Orientation Training material, and that a memo be sent to all SED’s and AO’s making them aware of the video posting.

NASCOE’s NAFEC Area Committee Chairs should begin immediately forwarding an informative e-mail to their respective state NASCOE and NAFEC leaders regarding the availability of the video and power point. When opening the power point, depending on internet speed, some users may experience a need to allow 10 to 20 seconds before the file will open. Once open, the file can be downloaded to the individual computer for quicker access on the subsequent opening of the power point.

NAFEC Thanks JM Marketing for their work in posting these items and for providing and assisting them in all of website issues that arise.

I encourage each of you to share and personally use all of these NAFEC and FSA resources to introduce every COC member and advisor in the nation to their great association, NAFEC.
Billy Wayne Denison,
NASCOE’s NAFEC Committee Chairman