Awards Committee

There are several awards available to MNASCOE members at the State, Area and National Levels.  The MNASCOE Awards committee coordinates the submission and selection of Awards recipients at the State Level and forwards recipients to Area or National level consideration, as appropriate.

Sick Leave Awards

Each year at our banquet, MNASCOE recognize employees who have reached milestones in their sick leave balances.  Awards are given to employees who accumulate 1,000 hours of sick leave and again recognized for every additional 500 hours accumulated thereafter.  If you or one of your employees who is a MNASCOE member had accumulated 1,000, 1,500, 2000, 2500 or 3000+ hours and has not already received an award please send Nathan Peterson the name of the individual and the number of sick leave hours they have accumulated.  An employee may only be recognized at each level once in their career.  Plaques are awarded for any sick leave balance of 2500 and 3,000+ hours.  Please send all names to Nathan Peterson at by February 8, 2017.

Important Note: sick leave balances are considered protected information.  Please confirm with the employee prior to sending Nathan their names so that MNASCOE has the employee’s permission to recognize them for their achievement and read their names at our banquet.

Distinguished Service Award (DSA) Nominations

Did you know that each year NASCOE recognizes our members who, well, to put it bluntly are amazing?  The awards are called distinguished service awards and there are three different categories in which us as members can nominate these amazing people.

The NASCOE Distinguished Service Awards program encourages members to recognize NASCOE members who make outstanding contributions in the Areas of:

  • Service to NASCOE
  • Service to FSA-Agriculture; or
  • Service to Community.

I would like to challenge our membership to submit at least five individuals in Minnesota for the DSA awards.  We have MANY amazing employees in the state and it is time that we nominate them and recognize them for a job well done.  Help them to know their contribution to our great state and agriculture is not only noticed but greatly appreciated.  NASCOE has once again made this process as easy as possible so please nominate these deserving people.

Any member of the Association may make a nomination for this competitive awards program. A State approving official of the State Association is REQUIRED to certify to the eligibility of the person being nominated.  Members of the NASCOE association in good standing, members serving under a permanent appointment, and members voluntarily retired during the current year are eligible to receive these awards.

All nominations shall be electronically submitted NO LATER THAN JANUARY 1.
The nomination form should furnish the following information:

  • Name, address, email address, and telephone numbers of the nominee and nominator.
  • Certification by an officer of the State Association that the nominee is serving under a permanent appointment and is in good standing.
  • Award being recommended.
  • Nomination information should be brief, factual and specific.

Nominations are available at under Forms and Downloads – Awards & Scholarship Applications

Distinguished Service Awards Flyer