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Don’t Forget!! January 1 – Scholarship & Award Deadline!!

With colder weather moving in it is a reminder that a new calendar year is coming quicker than many of us would like to admit.  I would like to remind our membership that January 1, 2017 marks the deadline for both scholarships and distinguished service awards (DSA).  There has been a lot of information posted on the MNASCOE and NASCOE website on how to apply for the scholarship or nominate someone for the distinguished service awards so if you have questions, those are great resources. The 2017 Awards and Scholarship Handbook has all the information needed to determine eligibility and how to apply.  However, in one more attempt to try to get scholarships and award nominations, here are a few simple steps on the process:


1) Look at the NASCOE website under the “Forms and Downloads” then “Awards & Scholarship Applications” and determine which scholarship you would like to apply for/meet eligibility.  As a reminder, there are six different scholarships available this year and MNASCOE also offers one $1,000 scholarship for anyone who will be entering their first year of college through their fourth year.  By applying for the NASCOE scholarships those individuals that meet the eligibility criteria are automatically applying for the MNASCOE scholarship.

Here is the direct link to the application

2) Simply follow the instructions on the NASCOE website and complete the online application form.  Two things that are important to note.

  • Pay attention to the suggestion about working on your answers to the scholarship questions in word.  The online application doesn’t allow you to save in the middle so once you start you must finish.  So, if you complete the responses in word first then you can copy and paste your answers into the online application once you have all of them completed.
  • Minnesota has for the last three years required the applicant to write an essay.  NASCOE is now requiring all applicants to respond to an essay question and Minnesota has decided to use the same question.
    By completing the online application, including the listed essay in its entirety, it is automatically meeting all the Minnesota application requirements.   

3)  Make sure you complete the application and hit submit.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nathan Peterson by email at .

It is that easy!

Distinguished Service Awards (DSA’s)

In the recent newsletter, I also challenged our membership to submit at least 5 individuals for a Distinguished Service Award.  The process to nominate is extremely easy!  Once again go to the NASCOE website under the “Forms and Downloads” then “Awards & Scholarships Applications”.  Determine which of the three awards best fit your nominee, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the online application, complete it in its entirety and click submit.  It really is that easy so there are no excuses not to nominate an individual!

Here is the direct link to the nomination form

If you have any question on either process, please do not hesitate to contact Nathan Peterson via email at 

Distinguished Service Award Nominations Open

Distinguished Service Award Nominations

We all know someone who has goes above and beyond in their job, with MNASCOE/NASCOE or in their community.  The NASCOE Distinguished Service Awards program encourages members to recognize NASCOE members who make outstanding contributions in the Areas of:

  • Service to NASCOE
  • Service to FSA-Agriculture; or
  • Service to Community.

Any member of the Association may make a nomination for this competitive awards program. A State approving official of the State Association is REQUIRED to certify to the eligibility of the person being nominated.  Members of the NASCOE association in good standing, members serving under a permanent appointment, and members voluntarily retired during the current year are eligible to receive these awards.

All nominations shall be electronically submitted NO LATER THAN JANUARY 1.
The nomination form should furnish the following information:

  • Name, address, email address, and telephone numbers of the nominee and nominator.
  • Certification by an officer of the State Association that the nominee is serving under a permanent appointment and is in good standing.
  • Award being recommended.
  • Nomination information should be brief, factual and specific.

Nominations are available at under Forms and Downloads – Awards & Scholarship Applications

Distinguished Service Awards Flyer