The Minnesota Association of County Office Employees (MNASCOE) is an organization that represents Minnesota county level employees of the USDA’s Farm Service Agency. The objective of MNASCOE is to assist in every way possible to assure a successful operation of the Farm Service Agency, to secure equitable salaries, working conditions, and retirement provisions for all county office employees, regardless of membership. The Farm Service Agency (FSA) is one of many agencies in the United States Department of Agriculture. FSA is a “grass roots” agency that is responsible for administering most of the Federal Farm Programs that are available to Farmers and Ranchers across America. The employees of the Farm Service Agency work primarily with farmers, and for the farmers. Our employees take pride in the service we provide at the local level. Our employees are located in USDA Service Centers across the state and across the country. The employees of the Farm Service Agency are the most dedicated people in government. The purpose of MNASCOE is to ensure that these people, who work on behalf of agriculture, receive fair and equitable treatment, when compared to our counterparts throughout the federal system.

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